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Meet Edi (Eddie) Nehani, SEO Specialist in Toronto

I am Edi Nehani, an SEO specialist, consultant, and digital marketer based in Toronto. I am also a musician (clarinet player), love professional photography and fitness. You may see my first name online being cited as Eddie. Whether you refer to me as Edi or Eddie, I am fine with either. There is of course a story behind that, but that’s for another day.

Thank you for being here. Since 2017 I have helped many businesses like yours grow their online visibility, and revenue through ethical SEO practices. After all, if you own a business, you dream of growing it in a way that is sustainable and scalable, and SEO can do that for you.

I started learning SEO around 2015-2016, basically out of necessity. I worked as a digital marketing manager in the entertainment industry since 2008, and as businesses started putting more emphasis on online marketing, my role transitioned more to an SEO Specialist. I already had previous experience in building websites using HTML and Dreamweaver, and started learning how to work with WordPress, and Joomla CMS platforms, and how to optimize web pages to perform better on Google. So, learning SEO was just a logical next step in my career. Ever since then I never stopped learning about search engine optimization, evolving and I continue to improve my skills and knowledge with every SEO project I touch.

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